Prevent Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace

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                              This 20-minute interactive Canadian harassment video DVD program explains all forms of workplace harassment prohibited under human rights law.
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                              HR Proactive's Bill 168 Video DVD training program is an easy tool to help you meet your obligations to train your workers.
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                              An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Help meet your due diligence with 2 well-crafted policies on workplace violence and harassment.
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                              You will be presented with concepts as well as real-life examples and scenarios which will help pull together your understanding of what it means to be part of a respectful workplace.
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                              Welcome to HR Proactive Inc.

                              We are a premier provider of Human Rights Consultancy & Training Services.

                              What is bullying in the workplace? Download our brochure.

                              If you are looking for substantive, legally sound and cost-effective products to promote and maintain a safe and respectful workplace, you have come to the right place.

                              HR Proactive's workplace harassment and bullying training video, train-the-trainer package and eLearning solutions offer your company a wide range of methods to deliver your in-service training.

                              HR Proactive provides quality writing and up to date technology in the development of our programs, all at affordable pricing. We make it easy for you to view our programs online, and our online e-commerce capacity means you can purchase and ship our product the same day.

                              Prevent Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace Video DVD

                              It's all about respect!
                              Prevent bullying and all forms of harassment in the workplace.

                              Prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace and all forms of harassment. Meet your due diligence by preventing workplace bullying and other inappropriate or illegal behaviour from occurring in your workplace.

                              This 20-minute Canadian bullying and harassment video DVD covers all forms of workplace harassment under human rights law. HR Proactive's script was written by our own human rights specialists with decades of experience investigating human rights complaints.

                              Bill 168 (OHSA)
                              Video DVD

                              Applies to employers in Ontario with more than five full time workers!

                              HR Proactive's Bill 168 video DVD training program is an easy tool to help you meet your obligations to train your workers. This 15-minute Video DVD features a comprehensive leader guide and quiz after each module to ensure workers understand the issues related to the three problems addressed by Bill 168:

                              1. violence in the workplace;
                              2. workplace harassment; and
                              3. domestic violence as it affects the workplace.

                              Be sure to ask about our policy development or investigation services.

                              Or call for a price quote to have an HR Proactive professional deliver your next seminar, or develop your next E-Learning training program.

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                              "I purchased HR Proactive’s Bill 168 and Prevent Bullying & Harassment Video DVD and assets and found The material very informative and the leader/participant guides are outstanding! This saves us so much time on research and allows us to focus on rolling out the training"

                              Ken Chan
                              National Health & Safety Manager
                              Bayshore Home Health